A world without design is unimaginable. The design industry makes a difference in growing businesses, and designs have earned commercial and professional respect. Being in the design business you continuously challenge yourself to reach higher levels with each new product and project.

Fast, competent visualization of concepts and ideas

Breathing life into an idea through a design in which customers see the value and even better, how it improves their daily lives, is key in design. It is exciting every time you can visualize the possibilities of products and concepts. Sketches are an important tool to explain decisions, refine the design or simply capture ideas. Manu design processes start with so-called ‘blue sketches’ fast, competent visualizations of a concept and ideas without needing to reach for design software.  Sketching, as a visualization method offers quick results. It is the basis for dialogue and helps to decide on the way forward. Many design education programs have started paying attention again to developing this professional skill. In the last decade, there was a shift towards designing 3D CAD (computer-aided design) but fortunately, the true craftsmanship of sketching is returning little by little in the latest designer generations. 

Finding the solution together

Design processes are notably faster by using sketches at the right moment. Sketching is the perfect basis and tool for agile engineering, which allows all stakeholders to respond efficiently to user participation and the insights that arise from it.