At the start of your journey through the design process along with GBO Innovation makers, the cards are put on the table. Together, we discover your brand identity in a dynamic and explorative brainstorm.

Concept cards on the table

Brand Identity Cards | Concept Cards

GBO Innovation makers introduces the new Identity Cards and Concept Cards, used in the analysis phase of your project to thoroughly understand your company and your product requirements. Setting a common starting point for the project team.

We start by finding your brand DNA in 6 core values, guided by an scientifically validated set of character traits using the Identity Cards.

Next, we move our focus to the product. Appearance, experience and visual language translate into a total of ten Concept Cards that tell the story of your future product as an extension of your brand.

Running through this process ensures a swift alignment between company and designer, brand values and products appearance, project expectations and product requirements. It opens up a lively discussion in which everyone gets a chance to share their knowledge and insights, allowing for an interplay of information at the start of the design process.